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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 3, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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thing. >> we need jobs. >> sean: we need a new president. >> private markets, pro business, progressive democrats. >> yes, that's us. >> what we had under bill clinton. we had prosperity. >> sean: he will not move to the center. prediction number two, if he doesn't he will be joining jimmy carter building habitat for humanity. greta is next. thanks for being with you us. >> greta: tonight, wipe out democrats in the house hit the skids now the republicans are about to take over. newt gingrich joins us. he became speaker in 1994 when the gop took over both houses of congress. mr. speaker nice to see you. i'm certain you have something to say about last night's election. >> well i'm here at the center for health transformation meeting in naples. everybody here has been talking about last night. which was a remarkable
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evening. the biggest one-party swing in the house since 1932. 18 state legislative bodies going republican, zero going democrat, remarkable victories in governorships for the republicans. significant gains in the senate. in 2012, there are 21 democrats only 10 republicans up. remarkable time. >> greta: when the president ran in '08, he ran under -- something just broke. >> greta: we have audio problems with the speaker in florida. in the meantime, recap, what an evening it was for the republicans. today we heard president obama speak from the white house. he had much to say about a rather chagrined, chasened president. mr. speaker, can you hear me now? we'll go to dana perino.
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dana, can you hear me? >> i can hear you. >> greta: let's move ahead to the president today and skip last night began to the president today. he had his press conference at the white house. rather chasened, some say. what was your thoughts? >> i think no matter where you sat on the political spectrum you probably heard something a little bit different if you are a democrat that lost you probably said okay if that's what you really think. if you are a republican and won or a tea party candidate you might look at that and say, i don't think he understood. reactions from both sides are strong. >> greta: i was wondering if the same people her the same speech. i'm going back to florida to see if i have the speaker. mr. speaker can you now hear me? >> yes, i can hear you, i'm sorry. >> greta: that's all right. the president ran in '08 on the platform of change. he came in the office
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and change in a big way. now last night it seems like the american people, at least a great proportion saying we don't want that change. what does the president take away from that? >> i think that it's sad today that he wasn't able to relax and accept the fact that the american people sent a strong signal. they do want change. they don't want 9.6% unemoyment. they don't want a health system that doesn't succeed. they don't want the country to be vulnerable to radical islamists who try to kill us. they do want change. but they want change brought about in adult way, out in the home, patient ly. they don't want change rammed through in a chicago machine style. i think it is sad in a moment when the president could have gracefully said today, boy there's a lot to learn and i want to find out what the american people want know do as president of the american people. instead he went into what i
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thought was a almost complete denial of reality. i found it very concerning that he couldn't accept the reality of what happened last night. >> greta: i look at it a little differently. everyone acts like this is a wake-up call or wipe-out or landslide or whatever and now i see the light or whatever it is. look, when president obama came in february '09 a lot of people got mad and started the tea parties on april 15th, the first tea party. then health care was on the agenda, all of a sudden members of congress went home and got slapped around by town hall meetsing -- meetings people were furious. fast forward to december the nebraska situation with health care with senator nelson getting a great deal democrats didn't realize then the americans were mad. then you have senator brown getting elected and still they didn't get it that the american people were mad. then you have what happened in
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virginia when it went republican. then new jersey. i don't get it, like they didn't figure it out until last night? >> no, the point i'm making greta is reinforcing your message. i get the sense today he didn't get it today. if you lose 60 or more congressional seats, if you lose six, seven senate seats, if you lose governorships across the midwest. if you lose over 500 legislative seats more than they lost in 1994 and the president today still couldn't come to grips with reality. i think as an american citizen, forget republican, democrat, liberal, conservative, a president who can't come to grips with the fact this was a fundamental repudiation. john boehner had it right. he caught the right tone and the right attitude this was a repudiation. that's over. now does the president want to work with the elected representatives of the american people or try to hide for two years and pretend
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there was no midterm election? that's the core choice president obama is faced with. >> greta: he did run on change. and he delivered change. now the american people told him they didn't like his change and he didn't notice it, i don't get it. >> greta, if somebody offers you a chance to go to disney world and you get excited. then they didn't teltd you they the way they are going to -- didn't tell you the way they are going to get there is crash a plane into the park. nobody in america thought we were gonna elect a president who would be this far to the left, pass this much spending, build up this big a deficit, try time pose washington on every doctor's office, every hospital, every medical decision in america. and the american people said if that's the change you meant we are going to send you a signal that's the wrong change. it is all right to be for change, you ought to be for the right change and he didn't
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get. what worries me with o'is with two more years i wonder how long it will take him to realize it is not about us the american people, it is about him. >> greta: he made such great promises to the american people. got everyone so inspired. he was a junior senator for two years ago. then you had candidates with more experience, vice president biden or secretary of state clinton. they didn't make those grandiose promises because they through the problems you face when you come to washington. am i right in that? that he didn't get -- >> . >> greta: okay go ahead. calista -- no we made a movie called ronald reagan rendezvous with destiny. ronald reagan was a visionary in the think what obama would like to be. ronald reagan made huge positive statements in 1980 at a time when jimmy carter had
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us in a total mess. american people people in -- american people believe in a wonderful future. they want obama to succeed. he wasn't out of the norm for great american presidents. they no idea that his administration would be incompetent. and he was going to try to move to the left with chicago machine style politics implementing a saul olinski school of radicalism. >> greta: do you think he was deliberately trying to be sneaky or naive in terms of what people wanted and what he could accomplish? >> well, i thought it was telling when he pointed out i think the phrase was that jimmy carter and ronald reagan were other great communicators that managed to come back from midterm defeats. i don't know of any other president in my lifetime who referred to himself as a great
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communicator. i think the president thought words could substitute for policies. that glibness could substitute for wisdom. and a smile could substitute for sound judgment. history is about to prove that is not correct. that it takes a serious approach with a deeper understanding of america with a lot firmer commit to getting things done. >> greta: is that inexperience or did he not care? >> no, look i think he cares deeply. i want to give him the benefit of the doubt he's the president of the united states. as a fellow human being, i want to give him the benefit of the doubt. i think he cares deeply. i think he's just wrong. and i think it is very hard for him to back up. he has nobody around him who doesn't share his core vision of a left wing america. so it is very hard for him to stop and say, -- because he's a young guy and he's come an immense distance you got to
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admire how far and how quickly he came. it is hard to stop and say it just didn't work. maybe we need to rethink it from the ground up. if he would call john boehner down, given the wonderful statement john made last night and say let's not negotiate. let's have coffee and chat for three, four hours. let's start to get to know each other. let me tell you my concerns, you tell me your concerns. let's start over and really mean it. i think he would find that john boehner as speaker of the house as a patriot would want to be helpful to a president who is open to being helped. if all he wants to do is what he exhibited today he's going to find a long two years before he leaves. >> greta: i hope they work together and he does what you say. if the two sides could work together that is invaluable to the american people. much more, mr. speaker do not go away. what does president obama think today? is he going to change? and dana perino will be back. >> the midterm election is
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over. you know what is next. possible 2012 presidential candidate donald trump is here. he has some big ideas and he will tell u >> will there compromise between the white house and congress? what does rush limbaugh say? .
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any of these countries, what are they thinking? >> i think first of all, almost every country in the world pays attention to our elections because we are still the most powerful, largest economy and culturally the most significant country in the world, so people watch us. i think there are two things. one is, this is a remarkable democracy with all the power we vest in the presidency and in washington, d.c.. the american people can rise up and fire folks.1?kgñ imagine if you were in china and watch the american people firing people you thought that was a cool idea. or an iranian student thinking wouldn't it be nice fire ahmadinejad the way americans go about their politics? i think it strengths us. i think this was a real signal to the world not to assume that the united states is a weak, timid country. not to assume we are going to tolerate bad economic policies. and not to assume we are are a
10:15 pm
country that you can push around or run over. i think the american people are exhibiting a robust willingness to change the entire game. historic reminder to other countries we are a remarkably powerful and if necessary remarkably dangerous country when people try to behave in a predatory way towards us. >> greta: i admire politicians on both sides of the aisle because i think it is a tough business. a lot of heartbreak in it. even take speaker pelosi tonight whether you are fan or foe on a political sense, we are all americans. it must be tough for her tonight, don't you think, you have been in that spot? >> well i've not been in that spot, we lost five seats, we didn't lose control. it has to be hard for her this is a hard business. a very dear friend of mine ike skelton, after 18 terms serving this country one of the most informed and
10:16 pm
sophisticated and dedicated patriotic members of congress who worked hard, military education, lost his seat. my heart goes out to ike and his family while he's a democrat, i know what a sincere, decent and committed person he is. you look around the country and you have to see fellow americans who did the best they could and it didn't work. that doesn't mean you are pollyanna, i won't go into names because there is no reason. >> greta: you said good words for the president he's a good, strong american, wants the best for the country. you disagree with him politically. he has i think got a rude awakening about how tough it is in washington to achieve some of the dreams that we all have. >> my hope would be when he gets back from this trip to india, which was not scheduled in a wise way. that he would takeoff a lot of time between attention and christmas and spend the --
10:17 pm
between thanksgiving and christmas and send the time with his family and think deeply. he's had two years in an amazing career they didn't work out the way he thought. ronald reagan was brilliant about this. he spent one year out of eight years at the ranch, literally he did itjgew deliberately. not because he was lazy. but he wanted perspective. he wanted to renew himself. he wanted to be able to be with nancy and think in a way you can think this washington. i hope the president will look at last night's results and decide he needs to take serious time, withdraw, ponder and come back in the state of the union and budget next year in a positive way working with everyone elected by the american people, not democrat or republican, everyone elected by the american people. and see if he can't make a new start, rather than continue to slug it out on the road, which i think will hopelessly fail. >> greta: mr. speaker, thank
10:18 pm
you. coming up, why is dana perino calling president obama's press conference today, really, really odd? she will tell you. hear direct fully president obama after his party's trouncing last night. did the president get the message. later president obama and president calderon, are you both listening? more americans just murdered in mexico. that live report is coming up. msnbc anger asked a weird question. is the anchor out of line? you must see this video then you can decide. we'll put up a poll. princess of the powerpoint. your core competency... is competency. and you rent from national. because only national lets y choose any car ithe aisle. and go. you canven take a full-size or above.
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>> greta: less than 24 hours
10:22 pm
after his party was trounced president obama reacts and takes questions from reporters. >> how do you respond to those who say the election outcome in part was voters saying they see you as out of touch with their personal economic pain? are you willing to make any changes in your leadership style? >> the president: you know, there is a inherent danger in being in the white house and being in the bubble. so, the track record has been that when i'm out of this place, that's not an issue. when you're in this place it is hard not to seem removed. one of the challenges that we've got to think about is how do i meet my responsibilities here in the white house, which require a lot of hours and a lot of work. but still have that
10:23 pm
opportunity to engage with the american people on a day-to-day basis. and give them confidence that i'm listening to them. >> greta: did the president get the message and will it be compromise or combat? dana perino is back with us. you've been on the inside, tell me i almost fell over when i heard the president say i didn't know how the american people are feeling, those are my words, because i'm in the bubble. the unemployment rate is 9.6%, you don't have to be in a bubble to not know there are people hurting. headlines and newspapers say people are unhappy. i don't know how living in the bubble -- to say that's the reason why i'm out of touch. do you support the president on that or not? >> i found the whole president conference bizarre. i think this comment was
10:24 pm
bizarre too. that's something that politicians always say when they are in trouble in washington. i need to get out of here more because who likes washington. i think in 2006 we tried this too when president bush lost seats. the past six weeks anybody who has been paying attention knows president obama hasn't been in washington he's been traveling all over the country stumping for candidates and himself. i thought today was a missed opportunity for the president, when he had the nation's attention and he blew it. >> greta: what could he have done? between yesterday and today the unemployment rate is still 9.6%. he's really in a tough place. the only way he's going to dig out is turn things around. he and the republicans have to figure out some way to work together. >> i would not suggest there was anything substantive he could have done in 24 hours.
10:25 pm
what he could have done is something that i think is one of the things that's hurting him, tone and bearing. i wrote a peace today for where i say america wants to laugh with its president, not at him. recent appearances on jon stewart, more recently -- the interview was fine the fact that he did an interview with ryan seacrest, great person and entertaining, but probably not very presidential in the last day before the election. the president could have been self-deprecating. when he said they took a shall lacking that they real -- shellacking that they really understood it. he said the results show the republicans need now to work with him. i think it is the opposite. what the voters were saying is we want republicans to stop that agenda and it is incumbent upon president obama now to try to work with the republicans and his democrat base. >> greta: there's no simple answer to our so many
10:26 pm
problems. we've got a lot of problems, as many nations do. economic problem, unemployment rate, a core problem. when he took office in february of '09, the economy was in a mess. when he did the stimulus bill with the congress, he owned the trend. if the trend went up he got the praise. if the trend went down he was in trouble. the trend has not been a good one. i don't understand how his aides could not have said, look the trends are bad. we need to do something about it. it seems like instead, we haven't done anything about it. >> on this kick, you can hear almost every democratic pundit using the same talking points, they don't communicate well enough. i think it is, this is a matter of substance. however, on the economy, note today in the press conference he did not say he would not be willing to the tax cuts for everybody. that's instructive. if you look at washington
10:27 pm
state last night where on the ballot was an niche they've would have for the first -- an niche they've would have for the first time put a state income tax on the wealthy was resoundly rejected, by 58%. that was reflective of the mood of the country. i think he made a baby step forward on that. if he were smart political politically, i think he would take a full step, -- say they should pass senator mcconnell's tax hike prevention act. >> greta: the fact is there has to be give-and-take or we'll have more problems. we hear the republicans say they want to repeal health care and the democrats say they want to tweak it >> remember, voters told republican candidates that's what they want. >> greta: maybe that was a poor example on my part. >> i think it is a good example. >> greta: they've got to start -- they've got to lay down the
10:28 pm
swords and stop fighting. but any way. dana, thank you. >> okay. >> greta: fox news alert associated press has made a call in the race for governor in oregon. the democrat has beaten the republican dudley. this will be his third term as governor of oregon. he last served seven years ago. coming up, while we were out relaxing or working this weekend in mexico this was the deadliest weekend for americans since february. you think it could not be worse for americans in mexico? hear our live report. speaking of elections possible 2012 presidential candidate donald trump is here. what advice does he have for president obama, if president obama would listen to him? donald trump tells you, coming up. ♪
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10:32 pm
democratic pollster doug schoen joins us. what did you think today about the president? >> i think the president started a process. this was not a president who said i won the election there's the consequences. he said there are good ideas on the republican side, good ideas on the democratic side. we have to work to the. he was humbled, contrite. he's beginning the process of starting to negotiate. >> greta: how do the republicans not say it took you two years and when you came into office you said i'm president, right away to the republicans, that's what we were told. sort of a declaration of war. why didn't you get the picture until now? what's your problem you didn't get that it american people were upset? >> defeat is a great leveler. as he said he took asia lacking. -- he took a shellacking. >> greta: didn't he get that?
10:33 pm
>> left's interpretation they were only committed to health care and getting the agenda passed, they would win. i know it doesn't make sense. >> greta: health care there were town hall meetings people who never protested before were screaming at their members in congress. they didn't ? >> no. >> greta: that's insane. >> they believed once the bill was passed -- >> greta: they didn't bother to read it. they don't know what's in it. >> i was out there with pat caddell saying this was a stone cold loser. they were wrong. >> greta: how do we know he's going to be on the right track. he missed a lot of signals along the way. >> we don't know. he's going to call the republicans in i hope. i he will do what newt gingrich said pan get together with john boehner and mitch mcconnell and forge a relationship. the only hope he has is to move to the center and govern
10:34 pm
in a different way with a different style. >> greta: you say the only hope he has. i always feel sorry for the loser, believe it or not. hope for the american people. the trends are going the wrong way, especially economic, which is so painful. sort of for the american people the republicans and democrats need figure this out for us. >> the message started to come out today was he sees the greater good and larger purpose. that hasn't been how he has governed. he's talked about enemies, not opponents and causes not compromise. the american people want compromise and results, not partisanship. >> greta: is that the inexperience? >> absolutely. he never had to be in one of these fights. i was there with bill clinton, i saw him change and evolve. obama if he is to survive has to do the same thing. >> greta: i feel sorry for the people who don't have a job and want one. i travel, i see them and it
10:35 pm
makes me sick. >> if he spoken that way during the campaign and had done private sector job creation, as he's talked about occasionally, maybe just maybe the results would have been a little less bad, but he didn't. >> being president is difficult if he been humble instead of arrogant telling thus is going to work month after month we look at the numbers> you are make allege important point. a president who is inclusive and is sympathetic to his adversaries and those who are at risk, ingenders goodwill, irrespective of the policy. he didn't do that, he suffered. >> greta: impossible problem but we are all working together. >> we all understand. even if you disagree with the republicans you are working with them for the better and common good. >> greta: doug, thank.
10:36 pm
>> greta, thank you. >> greta: here's what happened this weekend in juarez, mexico. a 24-year-old woman from texas in juarez gunned down inside a tortilla shop. 35-year-old man from texas shot to death when gunmen opened fire. 27-year-old american woman from oregon visiting mexico and 15-year-old american boy shot to death after crossing the international bridge into next toe from -- into mexico from el paso. reporter for the el paso times joins us. everyday we read worse stories and worse stories. is there anyone in your area who thinks this is getting remotely better this drug cartel violence in mexico? >> nobody does. when you look at the numbers it is proof it is getting worse. 360 murders in 2007.
10:37 pm
now over 2,500 this year collectively since 2008 there have been over 6,800 murders. >> greta: to what examine is this -- to what extent is this violence spilling over into the united states? americans do have greater concern i assume for their own country. is it spilling into america besides americans getting murdered in mexico? >> that's a tricky question to answer. there have been gun battles near the border that border patrol has monitored. there's a couple bullets that struck city hall over the summer. and a bullet struck the university across the border from juarez. there have been small signs luckily no one has been injured. spill-over violence is such a strong term. these days it is tied into political arguments as to whether we should send mover
10:38 pm
national guards to the border. -- more national guards to the border. i would say there have been bullets that struck buildings. >> greta: just in terms of el paso and juarez what separates this mexican city from this american city? >> only a couple bridges. when it comes down to the family that live in he will pass so and juarez those bridges are -- in el paso and juarez those bridges are not much. today when two university students killed in juarez, yesterday. they had families in juarez. they stayed in juarez and attended school here. that happens a lot more than you think. >> greta: maggie, thank you we continue to watch this story. another huge problem. thank you. next up, donald trump is here. you don't need to tell us why you should stick around you want to hear from donald
10:39 pm
trump. he's got ideas on how to bring jobs back to the u.s. later you will wish were you in south america, colombia to see this bullfight. is it the bullfighter's birthday? why are we seeing some of his birthday suit?
10:40 pm
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your fingers are quite magical. this is what it's like ahhh... getting an amazing discount on a hotel with travelocity's top secret hotels. the easy way to get unpublished discounts of up to 55% off top hotels. harpist not included. >> greta: there's much more ahead but first to our new york newsroom. >> reporter: the fbi now revealing a suspicious package found in new york's jfk airport originated in yemen. the package triggered the evacuation of the dhl cargo building today. that package contained a cell phone and paperwork. tropical storm tomas is strengthening as it heads towards haiti. more than a million living in camps after january's earthquake are being told to evacuate. the tropical storm warning and hurricane watch in effect. tomas expected to strike haiti
10:43 pm
friday. checking the markets nikkei up. hang seng up. dow jones futures 11,182. for more business news tune into the fox business network. i'm ainsley earhardt we now return to on the record with greta. thanks for watching. >> greta: we don't need to tell you unemployment is at a nightmare level, that doesn't include those so beaten down to have given up. what could we do? what would donald trump do? we asked. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> greta: i love to see you outside your offices. >> good view. >> greta: unemployment rate not getting better. if you were advising the president, what would you tell him to do? >> obviously the word is jobs. how do you get jobs. i hear so many people talking so many different things.
10:44 pm
the problem is our jobs have left this country. we are making our products in china and in other places. what the politicians have done to this country, they should be ashamed of themselves. the other day i was watching "60 minutes" i see a place, newton, iowa, beautiful place, beautiful people they lost maytag. the jobs went to mexico, most of the jobs to mexico i'm saying srpbt that a shame. here you have this beautiful -- saying, isn't that a shame, here you have this beautiful community with beautiful people and the jobs went to mexico. between china and other places, we don't make product any more. we do health care here, but that's not the kind of product i'm talking about. i'm talking about where you make product. if i build a building many of the materials and things i get are made in china. it is very, very sad. >> greta: you talked about mexico there was a company in northwest wisconsin where i'm
10:45 pm
from just moved its entire production to mexico. i assume the labor is cheaper that's why the companies are doing it? >> they get incentives from our government. nafta whether people like it or don't, give me a break. new england in particular they've been wiped out people have gone to mexico not only that it is not only mexico, it is china, to me, so many products. i see it because i'm a big buyer of things, windows, pipes or lots of different things because i build buildings. so much of the product, glass, curtain walls so much of the product is made in china. we are rebuilding china. our economy is just getting killed. and you look at china it the ro. a friend of mine went to a pretty much new city in china. they said unbelievable the airport and everything else. they come back to laguardia. they said it is like coming into a third world country. it is horrible what has
10:46 pm
happened. they talk about the economy, incentives. we are losing our jobs to other countries. you are not going to solve unemployment unless something very, very stringent is done with regard to china and other countries. >> greta: what do you do to turn that around so the jobs are staying here or coming here? >> i would tax chinese products. people say that's not free trade. what is free trade when they have billions and billions of surplus over us? we don't want free trade with people that are ripping us. one of the reasons -- first of all their product isn't as good as ours if you look at windows, glass, curtain wall, not as good as ours if you look at the sheetrock people are dying because of chinese sheetrock. their product is not as good as ours. but they manipulated their currency so it is hard to compete with chinese dollars, cost. what happens is the dollar versus chinese currency is not
10:47 pm
competitive. when somebody comes in with a curtain wall for a big office building buying from china, it is very hard to compete with that price. the quality, we have better. but you can't -- they have manipulated their currency to such a point. what i would do is i would tax like 25% tax. you want to buy from china, great. but you are paying 25% tax. if you buy it in this country you don't have that tax. by the way, you know what is gonna happen? people are going to start creating jobs in this country because they are not going to pay that tax. >> greta: what is the 25% tax, just commitment to free trade? >> we don't have free trade right now. we have a country, china in particular that is riping us like nobody's ripped us before. we are rebuilding china. our country is so big in terms of what we buy, that we are rebuilding china. in 10 years to 12 years, china will have a bigger economy
10:48 pm
than us which was unthinkable five years ago. >> greta: we have more with donald trump. including whether he plans to run for president of the united states. >> would you like an unhappy meal? why ronald mcdonald needs a clown to cheer him up today. later a bullfight and striptease all in one. you have to wait to see the video. did you see what happened on msnbc? we have one it view you have to see wait until you hear is asked of a member of the united states congress. and then we ask to you vote in our manners poll. stand by.
10:49 pm
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growth here's the best of the rest this is no happy meal. an unhappy meal. san francisco just passed a law cracking down on restaurants giving toys with unhealthy meals. the law aims to combat childhood obesity. kids' meals will have to meet certain standards before toys can be given. meals with less than -- mcdonald's says they are extremely disappointed with that decision. >> ole! this is one bold bull. what happens when a bull
10:53 pm
charges and rips off part of the matador's pants. forced improvise, he first tries to wrap fabric around himself. then he puts on a pair of floral swim trudges donated by an audience member. i guess that audience got an extra show for their money. >> michelle bachmann sat down with chris matthews. >> you have said on my program to me that you wanted to see the democratic members of congress investigated by the media. you wanted us to investigate the democrats for unamerican attitudess. do you stick with that plan? you want us to do it or will you do it with the subpoena power? who do you want to investigate the democratic members of congress for unamerican thinking? >> plan that i've been talking about through this election is four things. i would encourage the new republican leadership to take this on as the agenda in 2011.
10:54 pm
it is simple, keep the current tax policies so no one has increased taxes. number two, a full scale repeal of obama care passed through the house hopefully it can get through the senate. number three, make sure we secure the united states borders. number four, we need to make sure we don't have a huge increase in national energy tax. >> has someone hypnotized you? no matter what i ask you, you give the same answer. are you hypnotized? has someone put you under a trance tonight that you give me the same answer no matter what question i put to you? >> i think the american people are finally speaking tonight. we are coming out of our trance. we are coming out of our nightmare. people are thrilled. i imagine that thrill is not so tink y on your leg any more.
10:55 pm
-- tingley on your leg any more. >> greta: does chris matthews need a visit from miss manners? we want to hear from you online at >> rush limbaugh on who is going to be willing to compromise after these elections. oh, i'm a fidelity customer. okay, but what does it do? well, it gets me the tools and research i need to help me make informed decisions. with fidelity i can invest in stocks, bonds, ll at a great price. wow. yeah, wow. ♪ [ male announcer ] fidelity investments. turn here.
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it could be a treatable condition called low testosterone, or low t. c'mon, stop living in the shadows. you've got a life to live. [ male announcer ] so don't blame it on aging. talk to your doctor and go to to find out more. >> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights. it's time, last call.
10:59 pm
rush limbaugh on election results. >> this was a wipeout last night this, was a total rejection of the obama agenda a tote ral rejection of the democratic party. any time have you a storm go through you're going to have thing that's don't make sense. tornadoes tear up one house, go by another house and leave it undamaged. nobody can explain it. nobody can explain harry reid. i can tell you what happened with box skbrer meg whitman. we're talking california and unions. but there is no reason here to be pessimistic about anything. my prediction went back when, i think obama was happy to lose the house, and he wants to run against republicans in 2012. now, he's not going to be able to run only against republicans. he's going to have a bunch of democrats in the senate. they're going to run that